How To Build A Powerful Sparky Deck

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Usually, when you play with a sparky deck, there are several ups and downs that you could experience. The deck contains several stronger cards couple with Elixir pup making it if not the best deck available out there. But then the usage of the deck in the right manner is always crucial to winning the game and ensuring that you have the upper hand in sealing the game. The cards are of plenty that comes with the sparky deck. So, let’s take a closer look into them and see how they could change the style of winning the game. Let’s get started.

Cards included in the sparky deck

The deck is a mixture of strong and weak cards coupe with Elixir that could set you in winning the game entirely. Let’s have a closer look into the overall cards that the deck might have and see what damage is it able to cause upon usage.

Mega knight

Acting like a defensive card, mega knight usually provides all the necessary counter attacking attributes in ensuring that you can play offensive card accordingly. Using him with a card like Pekka or Sparky for support can prove to beneficial as it can inflict some severe damage to the opponent and bring about a drastic turn to the overall game itself.


It is a card that is the strongest but hiding in plain sight. You can use this card when your opponent tries to take out the mega knight in the first place. Usually, people try to do but then using Miner to counter-attack their offensive play can disrupt their strategy of winning the game.


Couple with the mega knight, sparky can launch some extensive damage to your opponent both in offense and defense. Along with this, it’s a single card that can either be used as a winning condition or could be used as a defense card to safeguard your deck and block out attacks.

Electro wizard

Best known for its stun effect that can be used to suppress enemy attacks and make it feasible for your offensive attacks to be of higher intensity. Along with this, using this card for counter-attacking should hold good as well.


Similar to Electro Wizard, you can use this card either for an offensive more or an armed attack. You could easily use it with Mega Knight to cause some higher amount of damage and also allow for a robust approach in winning the game.


Acting as a support card for Miner and Mega Knight, the card allows you to increase the power and of these cards and removed the pre0palced Skarmy in the form of the towers. But then the challenge is that the splash air damage, its nil, you might want to use this card wisely. Other uses are in counter, support and in defense such that you get total control over the outcome of the game.

Dart Goblins

One of the most prominently used cards on the offensive side of things as the card provide some significant boost in attacking in one go. When combined with a Miner, it’s virtually unstoppable, and you could use this card on the defensive curve as well. Needless to say, that Dart Goblins are used in the destruction of defenses, troops, enemy troops all from a significant amount of distances.

Pros and cons of the Sparky deck

But not everything might seem right about the Sparky deck. There are sure are some ups and downs about the decks. Let’s take a closer look at them.


  • All the cards included in the deck have an excellent defensive ability.
  • Survival rate against spells is the highest except rocket.
  • Inflict damage in terms of restricting enormous Elixir damage to opponents.
  • The synergy and integration with other cards are excellent.
  • It’s a great spell bait.


  • Charging the deck can be a bit hard and takes time.
  • Vulnerability to Rocket spell is very high and might cause critical damage.
  • Has a lower range of impact.
  • Smaller unity can distract sparky decks in its functionality.
  • Zap can reset its charge whenever there is lightning which can prove to an anchor in the offensive side of things.
  • Air attacks can easily defeat an entire sparky deck.

Thus, the Sparky deck is filled with various types of intriguing cards such that you can either win the game rather easily or have a tough time in ensuring that you win the game. So, choose wisely and try to make the best use of the card.  


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