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Legendary cards in clash Royale are very rare. Well, that’s obvious, but then they are unique cards that are hard to come by and not very easily found. Well, they might be shiny, flashy troop and spells of sorts. They can differ from decks and can be anything rare and tough to get your hand on. Well, legendary means they are the most unique in the entire game and packs a punch in the way they perform and have things stored in them. Like who wouldn’t want a princess that could shoot enemy troops halfway across the map or bandits with the ability or invulnerability dash. Something epic isn’t it? But then the only way you might obtain these legendary cards in clash Royale are either by spending some cash or by some other non-conventional means. Nevertheless, we won’t be going into the world of getting these cards but checking out the cards that are legendary in clash Royale. Let’s get started.

Rarest cards in clash Royale.

There are various types of rare cards in the game, such that having them can either make your deck the best or play a vital role in winning the game by a large margin. Thus, let’s take a closer look at these legendary cards in clash Royale.



It’s a surprise to get this card as it’s a mining card that can always take your opponent by surprise. For not more than three elixirs, there are a plethora of things that this card has to offer. The ability to go anywhere in the arena undetected, moderate damage positions, destruction of enemies and buildings. It’s all part of the job of miners. But then against swarms, it’s a tough task indeed of defeating them.

Lava hound


High targeting building but with low damage points is lava hound. The only reason why its rare is the fascinating things that happen once it’s dead. Its body splits up into six lava pups that cause the same damage as the lava hound but with very little health. Costing around seven elixirs to even operate, you might want to think twice before using it.

Night witch


The sister of the witch, she can summon bats and hit moderate targets with ease. Upon death, two more bats are summoned. Swarm units are nothing in front of the night witch but are defenseless against splash damage. All this can be activated for four elixirs, which can be pricey considering there are better options out there.

Inferno dragon


One of the all-rounders in the legendary cards in clash Royale, you can expect some great results with this card. Consisting of high HP and inflicting more significant damage, you can turn your enemy troops and buildings into a crisp with its inferno blast. But beware about swarms and electrickery, its helpless against them. All this will cost you four elixir, which is entirely worth it.

Royal ghost


Covering the entire arena, you never really know as to when a royal ghost might attack you. It can take down enemy troops and build with ease. Without the slightest of hints, you can expect this card to do wonders. But the only drawbacks are that its very slow and can be susceptible to mini attacks quite easily.



With her high range of hit points, you can expect her shooting abilities to hit far and wide and causing fire whenever she attacks. For three elixir, you can defeat swarms, huge buildings, and inflict a lot of damage. But then is vulnerable, fragile and slow on attacks.



With moderate hit points inflicting a high amount of damage, all this can be carried out for four elixirs. He can shred tanks, towers, buildings, and troops extremely fast with formidable impact. Needless to say, that a heavyweight that can bring upon chaos as and when used in the arena.

Ice wizard


Slowing down enemy troops and having a moderate hit point, you can expect this card to do what it says for three elixirs. It might not seem much in terms of slowing down enemy troops, but hen to counter their support and inflict a more considerable amount of damage while they become slow is a more significant deal if you know how and when to use this card in the battlefield.

Thus, the above-given cards are few of the legendary cards of clash Royale such that it can help you in defeating your opponent with ease. So, play the game more to have higher chances of securing one of the cards, as mentioned above.  


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