How To Use The Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

Electro wizard isn’t a card that you would typically find in any place, but it’s a legendary card that is obtained after arena 11. It’s a card that has a lot to offer because of the way it’s used. Electro wizard need not do anything but just land of the arena, and through lightning, all of your opponents are gone within seconds. He is a double-target, ranger troop that has a high accuracy for targets and inflicts a lot of damage indeed. In a closed area with a smaller surface area, electro wizard can inflict some significant damage. The cost of deployment of the card is at four elixirs. Thus, before we get into the strategies and other domains of electro wizard, let’s take a closer look into the ineffective ways of using the card itself. Let’s get started.

Ineffective ways of using electro wizard

  • Never use the card when a minion horde is entirely in health.
  • Never use the card as your main line of defense/tank killer.
  • Never inflict your primary line of damage to this card as you would lose the battle instantly.
  • Never try to club electro wizard with any troops. It’ll become a mess and won’t work out in the end.

Strategies for using electro wizard.

There are a couple of strategies that can help you win the game very quickly. As this card packs a lot of power. But using it unnecessarily can cost you elixir and the game itself.

  • Always keep in mind that when you use electro wizard, it will zap two opponents in one go. There is no splash damage whatsoever. Never make the mistake of treating an electro wizard as a splash support unit as he can still be utilized without having to surround him.
  • Each of the two zaps that the electro wizard inflicts on its opponents, the damage will be split in half to the full damage that it can inflict on a single opponent.
  • However, if there is only a single opponent, then using both hands, it will inflict complete damage to the opponent and result in extensive damage.
  • Swarms are no match for electro wizard because they can use two hands to inflict deadly damage. Such that swarms would generally be defeated upon the first strike itself.
  • The extent of the power produced by the electro wizard is enormous. Through its zap, he can take out entire skeleton armies, cripple the goblin gang and minion horde. And to completely take out the same, pair him with a zap to unlock his full potential of taking out the army.
  • Electro wizard stuns its opponents through the zap that he uses. It can be useful in several ways, both offensively and defense. Forcing sparky, inferno tower and inferno dragon to rest is easily carried out by electro wizard. Electro wizard stops charging of prince, dark prince and battle ram.
  • The overall HP of electro wizard is relatively high and has a moderate intake of damage as well. Surviving a fireball attack is feasible for this card. But then a single hit from mini Pekka would send him packing his bags. Therefore, its advice to use this card behind tanks such that more significant damage can be inflicted and stays protected by the tanks up front.
  • Plays a vital role in the overall push of the deck because it can rest the inferno tower completely. If you have already destroyed one of the two crown towers, then you can drop and electro wizard and either reset it or retarget it.
  • Countering the hog rise is the specialty of electro wizard. Not only this but allows the hog rider to hit the tower only once. After which the surviving electro wizard can counter push into victory.

Thus, electro wizard is a card that plays a vital role in inflicting a more significant amount of damage. Its correct usage can bring about a drastic change to the outcome of the game and can even win you the battle without the usage of other cards in your deck.  


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