How to build a Clash Royale deck?

It’s evident that anyone can build a deck that is powerful and strong. But concentrating on the fundamentals of deck building is vital. Thus, having this knowledge and harnessing its potential will make it much more comfortable and straightforward when the meta changes and your career in clash Royale to kickstart to glory. Therefore, there are few steps that one must master to build a clash Royale deck of their style. Let’s get started.

Choose the strategy and the win condition that you want to put into effect.

You could use any card that you wish, but to have that edge over other in clash Royal deck building, the primary offensive tool needs to be determined. It might be used to destroy the opponent’s towers or something else. It could be your strategy. Some of the cards that are commonly used are the Giant or The Hog Rider.

The primary reason as to why The Hog Rider is often used is because they can be found in low-elixir-cost decks and deal with a medium amount of impact when used. But then using Golem or Lava Hound are essential when you want to take out an entire tower with one push and deal a lot of damage to the opponent. Thus, when you decide your strategy and how you want to initiate the gameplay, try to use a card that you are comfortable using and aren’t countered by the usage of other met decks. So, plan your clash Royale deck accordingly.

Great support and superb counters.

Now that we know what card we are going to play first from our clash Royal deck let’s take a closer look at what our opponents have in store for us, both offensively and defensively. The central ideology behind having such support cards in your clash Royale deck is to calibrate the attacks with effective countering from opponents and play a defensive role. Thus, when you use The Hog Rider at the bridge, your opponent would use the Minion Horde. But then you could support your attacks with an Executioner, which takes good care of eliminating the threat form swarm units. It’s all a rock-paper-scissors scenario.  

Get a good understanding of your spells.

Getting to know your spells can help in using your clash Royale deck in the most effective way possible. Spells help in providing support to your main form of threat, taking out your opponent’s support system, their primary threat, and even buildings or units. Needless to say, that harnessing the power of spells can prove to be a significant bonus. You can easily hit your opponent’s towers to make them fall on the surrounding units. Maximizing the effect of spells can make this move successful in one go. Destroying multiple units can be carried out with a higher elixir cost than the spell that is in use. Choosing the right spells can be determined by the primary support that you are using, the counter that you are using, and the effectiveness of the spells used on these counters.  

Is it indispensable to build?

Clash Royale deck needs to be analyzed as to what sort of defensive and offensive attacks you are going to use while buildings prove to be the best way in defensive attacks, using something else as your defense is a whole new chapter. But then the usage of building as a form of protection is wholly based on the type of meta in the use and utilization of multiple cards that might have caused you enough trouble previously. So, see what suits you the best and design respective clash Royal deck.

Thus, having knowledge and skills that are required in battle is vital. Clash Royale deck are, and the proper organization and implementation can prove to be necessary for determining victory or loss. So, see what helps you in achieving success and do the needful.



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