Everything you need to know about the Bowler deck

Looks can be deceiving right? Well that the one thing that you could say about a bowler. Well, it’s a tanker that sports well over 2000 H.P. It’s a mean aggressive card that can push back defenses and through the move of boulder push, it can bring down towers in one go. Along with this, it has good splash damage that can bring down your opponent’s attacks quite quickly. Thus, you can expect to see a lot of bowlers in the upcoming bowler decks of sorts. Don’t be surprised, when coupled with different characters like Hog Rider; you can create a mean offensive attack that would mean an inevitable defeat for your opponents. It’s an impressive and quite unpredictable deck that could make you win several battles in Frozen Peak and Jungle Arena. But then let’s take a more in-depth look into the world of bowler decks and understand them from a closer point of view. Let’s get started.

Bowler deck information

The bowler deck is a hard find. But then using it means to say that it might take up quite some amount of your Elixir. Thus, if you want to secure a bowler deck, then a recommended king level of 9 is required. But there a limit on the maximum king level and that is of 13. Playing the bowler deck can be suitable for a particular arena’s, and one of them is Frozen Peak. As discussed earlier, the bowler deck isn’t a cheap deck to use and will cost you a bit more coming in at an average cost of 3.6 Elixir.

Usage of cards in bowler deck

There are several characters in the deck, and each of them needs to be used in the best way possible. The specific restriction might prevail in the uncertainty of their capability. But then to know where correctly their true potentials can be fully exposed, the card rules of the bowler deck are given below.

•    Inferno tower – it’s a card that can be used to eliminate slow tanky like characters such as Golem and Lava Hound. They can also be used to push other troops and pull them into attacking. If you feel like substituting it with Tesla, then it’s a perfect match.

•    Bowler – bowlers are vast and massive. They possess immense strength and push abilities. Their primary usage would be too against swarm cards and spawners. During a push, it acts as a tank to support the push.

•    Skeleton army – skeleton army is the silent hero of the bowler deck. They can attack single troops like Elite Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Prince, etc. and counter the Hog easily. Thus, making it’s an essential inclusion in the deck.

•    Hog Rider – it’s the main cavalry of the bowler deck other than bowler itself. It can reflect some man damage to the opponent and stir up some pressure that remains constant with the opponent.

•    Zap – it’s a card that can at times, pull of a miracle. Particular in killing all of the skeleton armies. Not only this but then it can pull off killing a Goblin Barrel if Zap is above level 1.

•    Fireball – it’s used as an emergency card when things go sideways instead of the initial plan. But then its implementation can be towards Wizards or musketeers. Other than this, it can also be used to finish off crown towers with ease.

•    Ice Golem – it’s a card that is necessary for every deck. Bowler deck has an Ice Golem for one specific reason, and that is to hold of troops of the opponents. It can quickly melt down the entire skeleton army. But then to keep off troops of your opponent it might cost your 2 Elixir.

Strategies of bowler deck

There are a couple of ways that you could use a bowler deck. Few ways in which you can strategically place cards such that it can trap your opponents while they attack you. Therefore, to kick things off, you can use a bowler at the back of your deck. It helps in slowly building a strong push such that in one go, you can disrupt your enemy. This coupled with a Hog Rider or musketeer holds good in defeating your enemy. But then if you take down the crown tower or control it, you could either go all in on defense or opt to attack other towers with the characters present in the bowler deck. Last but not the least is that if you see that your opponent is engaging a strong push by placing a giant in the back, then quickly use your strong card in the other lane and disrupt the overall strategy of your opponent.

Therefore, it’s based on you as to how you would want to use the bowler deck and utilize its features appropriately.  


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