The Best Clash Royale Decks

Decks in clash Royale are how you can either strategically win a match or with sheer force. Either of which can be determined by the characters you have placed in the decks. Thus, in this article, we are going to discover the best clash Royale deck. Decks usually need to be bought, or you might be an outstanding player that you might have unlocked some of the cool characters that it has to offer. Hence looking int the best clash Royale deck, it’s a combination of weak and strong characters such that it makes it gamble whether or not to play them. But let’s get straight to the point and see the best clash Royale deck the game comprises.

Classic Hog (2.6 Elixir)

If you don’t know about this deck, then I guess you were living under a rock for more than two years. It’s been in the game for a long time and proves to be the best clash Royale deck the game has to offer. It comprises of a simple game plan and concept. You are left with only two option. Either under pressure, use a card from the deck or manage your cards in such a manner that you know that you would win. Pressure means to say that in case if you play a wrong card, you shouldn’t be entitled to do something stupid that might cost you the entire game. Card management, on the other hand, is the perfect arrangement of cards in the decks. For dps, you have cannon and musketeer. Musketeer for air, the tank is for Golem. But keep in mind to use each card wisely and see a good battle strategy to defeat your opponent.  

X-Bow (2.9 Elixir)

Unlike the one given above; this deck is one of the most difficult ones that you can use in the game. But simultaneously proves to be the best clash Royal deck that the game has to offer. Always try and figure out what deck your opponent is using such that launching your next attack becomes a piece of cake. Most of the time, people generally play defensively while using this deck, but then the exception is when you have Lava Hound and Golem to face. Always use X-Bow when your opponent has a tank at their back. But ensure that you have eyes everywhere. Overcommitting to one strategy might give your opponent an equal chance of overpowering you in other strategy’s.

Royal Giant Lightning

One of the most comfortable decks to play with, Royal Giant, is the simplest of decks that any beginner to the game can use and win battles. The deck comprises of characters that help in blocking down attacks from both air and land. Royal Giant eliminates threats from X-Bows and Mortars effortlessly. But then when it comes down to P.E.K.K.A, pairing your Royal Giant with guards can help in stopping its deadly blade form disrupting your battle strategy.  But then with Golem, it’s the same as usual. Use Royal Giant on either of the opposite lanes and space out your defenses. But then ensure that you avoid getting hit by Lightning/poison value.

Golem Poison

It’s on the easier side of using one of the best clash Royale deck that the game has to offer. It’s quite simple, literally. You don’t have to do anything. Build a massive Golem and push it towards your opponent’s such that they won’t be able to defend it no matter the cost. But then if you underestimate your opponent and use your Golem, then you will be left out Elixir as well. And punishing you won’t be a difficult task by your opponent. So, your left with two options in the end, either take their tower down in one go or focus on your defenses and try to stop the opponent from taking your tower down. But then thinking what will happen after this is an unpredictable one. You can either expect your opponent to use a Hog Rider or Battle Ram to support a small push, but you can counter it by Tornado or Mega Minion. But if they go all in, then it’s better to defend your tower rather than attacking.

Thus, there were few of the best clash Royal deck that the game has to offer. Several more decks are up for grabs, but earning them will take time and effort. So, see what suits you the best and try to make the best of the decks that you have in store.   


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