Best Decks To Use In Clash Arena 1

At the beginning of your clash Royale journey, you might wonder as to how you might want to get the best of everything. Well, there are a couple of ways where you can pay money and get the best of everything or use strategy and tactics to maneuver your ways through the ranks after defeating people one after the other. But for those people who might be wondering as to how they might get the best deck to be used as a starting phase? They need not worry as we have a deck that would defeat opponents at this level and wouldn’t cost you a penny. So, let’s try and see which cards do you need to put in a deck to have maximum impact on the opponent and fix your place in the winning ways of clash Royale. Let’s get started.

Essential Decks Of Clash Arena 1

The decks that have been given below contains two significant cards. If you don’t have them, you can use various other cards that would complement their powers and strengths. Rest of the other cards are the normal cards which can be obtained very quickly. Let’s take a look.



Everyone from the start tends to neglect the usage of archers in their decks. It’s a common misconception primarily because it has a lot of things to offer. They are good with dealing and inflicting more significant damage to troops both in the air and ground. They don’t die with arrows, but they tend to inflict a lot of damage to the enemy towers and can act as a sniper in taking out other enemy opponents as well.



One of the most refreshing and awesome cards to be played at a beginner’s level. It’s the only tower killing card that players often keep with themselves till they reach the legendary phase. Generally used in any emergencies, it never fails to protect and attack enemy troops with ease. Also, in the killing of the crown tower with a lesser elixir, the prince is used.

Baby dragon


One of the major cards that we spoke about earlier, replacing this card with anything else might result in a weaker deck. So, try to have this card somehow. As it plays a vital role in gelling the entire deck completely. The primary reason as to why it’s essential is because it can fly and deals with splash damage. A perfect card that can be played against minion hordes and barbarians. Also, in the hitting of enemy towers, it sure can be useful to some extent.



Usually not the best card that people would have in their decks as they start to grow, but at a beginner’s level, it’s an essential addition to your deck. Using her as a good counter is the way to play the card and to display it is very hard. Not only this but then tanking archers and spear goblins around her will be carried out in peace. Such that you clash arena one deck is complete and fully optimized.



When there aren’t any arrows used in this clash arena, one deck, then the usage of fireball seems to be necessary. There are variously used of this fireball. You can take out barbarian’s goblin barrel, minion horde and other cards of sorts. Along with this, any supporting card played with the primary attribute to an attack by the opponent will be taken out by fireball.

Skeleton army


The primary usage of Skelton army Is to deal with the likes of Prince and hog rider. However, you could use this card to deal with Pekka, mini Pekka, and golem.



Primarily used for defending purposes, the cards are useful in taking out musketeer, wizards, witch which gives you an excellent elixir advantage. The knight is capable of distracting the baby dragon and take out a giant skeleton all by its own.

Therefore, the above-given cards the best cards that you could use in your clash arena one deck. In case If you feel that the deck is lacking something, then making iterations and testing them out would give you a deeper understating on how to optimize your deck.


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