Awesome 2.6 Elixir Hog Rider Deck For Clash Royale

Everything one needs to know about Hog Rider deck.

Commonly known as 2.6 Hog deck, the deck is comprised of specials and intriguing characters such as Hog Rider, Fireball, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Musketeer and Log. Primarily it’s a deck that everyone prefers mainly because of the versatility it offers in terms of maintaining pressure and defend opponent attacks rather effectively. And for top competitive players, the Hog Rider deck is the top choice for all clash Royal battles. In terms of achieving successful results both in terms of ladder and challenges, the pack does a beautiful job of securing success.  But there are several things that one needs to know about the Hog Rider deck in terms of usage. And to know this, we are going to go deeper and see everything that the Hog Rider deck has to offer. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

Usage of the deck itself

The utmost critical thing that one needs to keep in mind before using the deck is the deck cycle. It’s the way that you cycle your cards within the deck and work around the opponent’s cards with ease. It’s crucial because you can outnumber your opponents in terms of moves and usage of a single Elixir, then it’s a winning strategy and controlling the match or game becomes more straightforward. So, don’t try to be safe, play aggressively, it doesn’t matter which card you use. But as long as you use the card strategically and adequately to suppress the opponent’s attacks, it’s a deck that will help in winning the game correctly.  

Breaking down the hog rider deck.

There are other characters in your deck that are powerful and weak in one way or the other. Let’ break them down and see what they are.

Hog Rider

If you want your star player to enter the battlefield, then it’s the only high damaging card that you have in the entire hog rider deck. It’s used if you want to put in constant pressure on your opponent’s defenses such that you can shake up their tower a bit until you double up your Elixir to defeat the opponent.

  1. Strengths – the Hog Rider card is relatively cheaper and economical to use. It’s a card that costs 4 Elixir and a great way of stressing your opponent. As the Elixir cost is low, you can keep dropping these cards and cause a nightmare for your opponents. Even when it isn’t used, you can expect the card to create fantastic damage up to 50% of the opponent’s tower.
  2. Weaknesses – the Hog Rider is a very tricky card as it can be used multiple times as its cheap and causes a lot of damage. But then to counter the move of a Hog Rider, Bowler can be used to make Hog Rider attack only once. Thus, opting for Fireball or other cards is the only choice. Therefore, you can choose for a draw on the ladder. 

Ice Golem

Ice Golem is the right hand of the Hog Rider deck. Mainly because of its versatility. It supports the attack of Hog Rider and helps in offensive and defensive attacks. Knowing when to use this card is essential as it can determine the winning strategy of the game.

  1. Strengths – the Ice Golem is a cheaper card than Hog Rider coming in at 2 Elixir. It’s perfect for helping the Hog to counter attacks and push towards the opponent’s tower. It’s a versatile attacker that can take out Skarmy, minion hoarders, and slowing down mini Pekkas all to get that one extra hit on the tower for it to fall. Even in defense, it’s a vital playmaker in protecting the tower when under attack.
  2. Weaknesses – well, not everything is perfect with Ice Golem; there are specific weaknesses where opponents could use to defeat you. After its splash radius buff, you can expect two skeletons to skill to be alive such that taking out your Hog Rider becomes very simple. Even while stopping minion hoarders, it takes more than two shots to suppress the attack. Thus, think twice before you use Ice Golem.

Therefore, these being the most important cards in the hog rider deck, it’s vital to use them properly and ensure that you have complete control over the game. So, try seeing the opportunity to exploit the opponent and predict that cards in their decks to have a better fighting chance.


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